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Our story? To be honest, it's a dog-eat-dog world, and we are wearing milk bone underpants. This is a sole venture, Better Earth. No partners to answer to, no board of directors. One product that we believe in. Period.  Chances are, you have heard about Orange TKO. It has been around for many, many years. 

General Cleaning

1:60 ratio

2 oz./gal (56 ml/3.8L)

2 tsps. per 3 cups water*

(10 ml per .75 litres)

Strong Mix

1:12 ratio

10.6 oz./gal (316 ml/3.8L)

12.5 tsps. per 3 cups water*

(62.5 ml per .75 litres)

Light Mix

1:125 ratio

1 oz./gal (28 ml/3.8L)

1 tsp. per 3 cups water*

(5 ml per .75 litres)

Straight Up

Using Orange TKO straight should never be necessary, as it is a super concentrate!

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Payment Methods: Etransfer available

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